**** HOBOSEXUAL ****

"Bleep! Blop! Blope! Yay! You Found Us!"


There have been many imitators, locally and abroad, but there remains only 1 true force of nature those in the know-KNOW.


…or, as often whispered in low voices during fancy meet and greets, art conglomerates, Bar Mitzva’s or weddings,…


Regardless of your penchant for the “Rock” and/or “Roll”, these 2 Hair-Teeth-Volume/Good-Bad-Taste aficionados know how to party AND deliver the goods to your head-holes.

As Seattle meandered through the banjo-hand clap / church-rock phase of the late 2010’s through late 2013’s, Hobosexual refused to bend, remaining obsessed with deceptive simplicity, their shitty suburban roots, the art of the loud, and getting one’s hairnado on MC Hammer proppa.

The band has since steadily built a virtual army of riff-coveting, bad decision-making, secret mullet-loving, good-hearted, show-going dirtbags, …1 Camaro at a time.

That’s a lotta hyphens, but then again, this little duo makes a lotta noise.


By 2014, having played to sold out, raucous crowds at the 1200 capacity Neptune Theater, Showbox Market, Neumos, Jameson Bartender’s Ball, Summerfest and the KEXP sponsored Slackfest, it was game over for the Seattle snoozefest, and game-on for Rock n’ (Fucking) Roll.

Upon its release, the band’s critically acclaimed, highly anticipated 2nd album “Hobosexual II,” enjoyed an unprecedented 6 week run atop the Seattle physical music sales charts, and by years’ end, held within the top 30 for all physical album sales in the Pacific Northwest.

That same year, Hobosexual was declared “Seattle’s Best Rock Band (2014)” by Seattle Weekly, and the deafening duo found themselves drawing record crowds to their stages at both the nationally renowned Sasquatch and Bumbershoot Music Festivals.

In the Summer of 2015, the band flew to LA to work with legendary producer and multi instrumentalist Alain Johannes (QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Eleven) on the now coveted “GoodBadTaste” limited lathe, which sold out in an unprecedented 2 days via album presale, and showcased the band’s technical and vocal apex on tracks such as “Killed to death” and “The Grey Mountain.”

Momentum picked up further for the boys in late 2015 and 2016 as Hobosexual garnered hefty praise and exposure from Rock N Roll Hall of Fame DJ Marco Collins, as well as a feature in Collins’ critically acclaimed documentary “The Glamour and The Squalor”, which placed the band alongside icons such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Garbage. The film screened for 2 Sold Out nights at The Egyptian Theater and was awarded Best Documentary at SIFF the same year.

The Hobos have recently enjoyed live outings as main support to personal heroes “Red Fang” (for the inaugural “Timbrrr!” Winter Music Festival) and SIR MIX-a-LOT, as well as a performance at the Foo Fighters/Mumford and Sons inaugarual “Gentlemen of the Road” series in Walla Walla, WA.

The band’s music has been featured most recently on the hit television shows, “Shameless”, “Rogue”, and “Outcast”, as well as Yahoo Travel, GoPro, Bacardi and the aforementioned critically acclaimed Docu Drama, “The Glamour and The Squalor”, (currently available on Amazon Prime).


Hobosexual is comprised of:

Ben Harwood (Vocals/Guitar/Weird Noises).

Jeff Silva: (Drums/Drums/…also, Drums).





“Hobosexual is bringing back the glory days of real rock, and fans of beards and big, booming music shouldn’t miss the majesty.” AJ Dent, The Drainage


“As Hobosexual, Ben Harwood and Jeff Silva aren’t the only guitar/drums duo in town, but they’re the most badass. The pair has been pummeling the Pacific Northwest with their stoner rock since 2010. Though their sound is rooted in ’70s hard rock (Zeppelin, Sabbath, Skynyrd) they have a penchant for the lighthearted ’80s (Beastie Boys, BMXing, Stallone films). The band will follow up last year’s well-received sophomore album, Hobosexual II, and a supremely loud (and rocking) set at Sasquatch!, with a pair of similarly high-profile festival appearances this summer: Doe Bay Fest and Bumbershoot.” Dave J (Best Rock Band 2014, Seattle Weekly).


“Hobosexual grabs you by the balls,…chainsaws through your chest, and doesn’t let go of you until you’re a heap of bones, blood, and guts, sobbing at the final moments of a nuclear explosion.” Brian Snider, Secretly Important


“Hobosexual: Hobosexual II

…holy christ, what a record. Pure balls-out, axe-swinging, chest-hair grooming, virgin-killing thunder rock from the fertile forests of darkest Seattle. … This is the album to play if you’re about to do something really stupid or really heroic.” (8/10) -Sleazegringer, Classic Rock Magazine